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Akilah Gooden (2)

Akilah Gooden


Akilah Gooden has a Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies degree and has worked in education and with children for over 20 years. Working within the school system, I have learned the skills needed to help the children develop the strategies needed to succeed in life and in school. I have a certification in CPR/First Aid/AED through the Red Cross and have also had trainings in Child Abuse and Nutrition.


Gooden Academy Preschool is a state-licensed family day home for children between the ages of two and five years old. The preschool is founded on the principle that children should be ready for kindergarten before they enter elementary school. Working within the school system within the past few years, I have learned and watched so many children who aren’t prepared for school. The teachers in the school don’t have the time to teach the basic information needed, due to state requirements with curriculum. This hinders the children from learning phonemic awareness skills needed to read and grow in the school environment. Gooden Academy Preschool is here to fill in the educational gap that is needed within education. Children enrolled will not only learn social and life skills, but they will also learn developmentally appropriate educational skills for their age group.

Registered Nurse/Teacher (Onsite)

Argie Macklin

Argie Macklin, mother of 4, is a highly skilled retired Registered Nurse (RN) with 40 years’ experience in supervising the ICU NeuroCritical Care at Methodist University hospital. After retiring she worked as an CNA Instructor at The Healthcare Institute to train future certified nurses how to care for the elderly. In 2021, she decided to help be an onsite nurse and teach the children the foundations needed in a preschool environment.

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“To fill the spiritual and academic gap in education”

We exist for students to:


The vision of Gooden Academy Preschool is to provide a community where all children feel loved, respected and encouraged to develop their fullest potential in a Christian environment.


Gooden Academy Preschool is based on the belief that once you put God first, everything else will come together in each child’s life. Our priority is providing excellent care and education, where each child is accepted and valued as an individual and where they can develop; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

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